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If you managed to make it to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden this summer, you may have noticed a curious bird house hanging out under the geodesic dome of Fritz Haeg’s Foraging Circle.

The bird house made it out to the garden during various events throughout the summer months. Instead of housing birds, the lid of the box hinged up to reveal writing utensils and response cards asking the curious individual to answer a question, share a recipe, draw a picture, or perform and describe some task etc…

Now that the summer of 2013 is officially over, I thought is would be a good time to look back at some of the responses from the bird house. 

I love that someone even took the time to be this obstinate.  

We received a bunch of really good drawings. This is probably formally the best drawing, although I’m not sure that’s what the artist intended.

By far the cutest, and my favorite response by far. 

We issued special response cards for World Listening Day. People really struggled to express sound through written language. I appreciate this persons effort.

In addition to traditional responses, we received several ‘sculptures’. Unfortunately most of them didn’t survive being shoved through the small return hole in the bird house.

Hopefully the birdhouse will resurrect in some form as we move into the colder months, so keep watch!


Preparing flower baths for the New England Women’s Herb Conference with Deb Soule…I love August.


After college I worked at The Woolman Semester School in Nevada City, CA, where high school students take classes like environmental science, global justice, and peace studies. I spent a lot of my time working in the garden with students, watering, turning compost, bringing in our harvest for community meals.

I’d never gardened in California before, where new seeds had to be netted to keep the quail out, and summer was so dry you felt like your footsteps would start a fire in the grass.

In late fall, I sent my mother, who lives in Massachusetts, some dry rattlesnake pole beans saved from Woolman’s garden, which she grew, and saved seeds from, and sent me, and so on, so these beans have been going back and forth between us for five years now.

They are ridiculously happy in my Minneapolis garden this year. -Bridget

amouse asked: Can you help me identify some berries I foraged last night? They look like blackberries, but their canes had no thorns, and they're very difficult to stem. Also they taste delicious.

Thornless varieties of both blackberries and black raspberries exist! It’s hard to say without a picture… Or a pie… Maybe if you can point me in the direction of this berry patch, I can help you out. (With eating.) —katherine

I think garlic is my favorite thing to harvest and keep—in braids or bunches, it always looks so beautiful in the kitchen. Here’s some tied with an evil eye charm my mom brought me from Turkey….


Tomorrow comes!

Another Free First Saturday is just around the corner!

We’ve got a ton of really great activities planned for tomorrow.  Whether you want to crochet like Fritz Haeg with Bridget and Will, dye wool or whittle wood with Bjorn and me led by the Two Rivers Folk School, or mash some botanicals with Katherine and artist Jim Proctor, you’ll be sure to have your hands full!  Emily Saunders and Jen Murphy will be crafting in the Foraging Circle when you’re ready for more.  Don’t worry, though!  When you need a break, you can watch some contemporary dance by Momentum or settle in for a couple of really fantastic films inside the building.

Come before you check out the Uptown Art Fair, come after you check out the Uptown Art Fair, but be sure to check out both!

It’s an Art! Art! Art! kind of weekend!

Happy Friday!

Katherine and I did some great work out at the circle today and I’ve been working on a pair of signs for our super great (sort of breaking but soon to be repaired) wagons!  Raspberries are starting to take shape among the brambles and they’ve got the thorns to prove it while our wild strawberries truly are going wild forest-style in the woodland.  It can’t be long now—and hopefully we’ll be able to get a few pies-worth without a repeat attack from our cherry thieving friends!

Since my phone can’t take pictures (I know, who am I, right?) you’ll just have to stop by sometime to see the signs!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a turtle to lift your spirits.

Happy Friday!